Shruti Creation Biz has its origins in the world's largest business management franchise in the       E-commerce Sevice Dropshipping industries.

Shruti Creation Biz gives you the opportunity to build a flexible business with the backing and support of a global franchise system. Our scalable proven franchise opportunity gives you a business that you can build to suit your lifestyle choices.

Our franchisees can choose to make a comfortable living or to achieve comfortable wealth in order to reach their goals and dreams. With strong growth, huge profit potential and no risk, this is the ideal franchise opportunity to put your skills and experience to best use.


  • Are sales-minded.
  • Have a talent for business.
  • Enjoy selling and marketing their services.
  • To find out more about developing a scalable, profitable business, please fill out the inquiry form below.
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Bldg 46/48, 1st Floor, 3rd Marine Street,
Marine Lines East,
Mumbai – 400002, India
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