How to start a drop-shipping business in 2019

How to start a drop-shipping business in 2019

02 Oct 2019

In the last decade, the drop-shipping business has taken immense popularity and growth. People are earning 5,6 and even 7 figure income with the same. Many of you too are thinking of starting the same but, facing issues to understand how to start the same. Hence, we would like to show you a few basic steps on "how to start a drop-shipping business?".

Before we move further let's have a little more knowledge about drop-shipping exactly a business.

What is the Drop-shipping business?

Drop Shipping is basically a business where you can sell products to your customers without holding any inventory. The order placed by your customer is via your website and it is forwarded to the seller who ships the product directly to the customer via the logistics team you've set.

The seller provides you with the wholesale price of the product and in return, you sell it at a retail price and earn your profits.

Now, as you've understood what is an ecommerce dropshipping business lets move further with its steps.

How to start a Drop-shipping business?

  • Choosing your niche

Choosing the right niche for your business to start with is very important. For example, if you start with the umbrella niche at Dubai targeted market you would never succeed. So, your niche should be a hit in your surrounding i.e your targeted market or should be a problem-solving product.

For example, A niche based on Coolers during summers in India at a cheap price compared to Air conditioners would be something useful. With coolers you can further extend your product with cheap Acs and Table fans and so on. this is how you need to select your niche based on your market and requirement.

Also, before starting it's important to have a look over the market before choosing your product rather than vice-versa.

So, you can determine your niche as per the market whether it's going to be beauty products or health products.

  • Choose your platform

Now you have to choose the right platform where you have to sell. The options you have are either purchase an established site, sell on a well-established site or establish your own online platform.

The choice is yours. If you purchase a well-established platform as per your capacity then you have to get the site the website checked by experts first like whether there are any penalties or anything such. If establish your own then it takes a bit of time but is more profitable or sell on a well-established platform.

  • Finding Trusted Sellers

You need to find sellers whom you can rely on for a sale. You need the ones you can depend on and trust upon for your business to grow. They should stay loyal to you and work for mutual growth.

So, you need to find your dropship seller and it should be someone providing you with actual wholesale rates as you will have to take shipping services from a trusted source to ship your products and you have to pay them off before your profits. And, you can't charge shipping charges on every product or every address.

  • Rules and Regulations

You need to get through with the shipping laws and regulations and work under the same before the start with. The product should be legal in every way and tax rules have to be followed and paid off. So, before you start with a GST Number or Sales ID is necessary to have.

  • Targeting and reaching your customers

Now, you have everything i.e right product, right platform, right seller, logistics and under rules and regulations yet, it's not everyone's cup of tea to sell the products.

You need to have a proper title, description, and reviews of the product for it to rank higher on the search. You need to choose correct words to rank higher on the site as well as a search engine when someone searches the keyword. You can run ads on Facebook and other platforms or promote your products to start with a better sale and move on further with the same towards success.


So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and start with your business of success and bookmark the page for further updates and ideas on Drop-shipping business from Shruticreationbiz.

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