Why email marketing is important in drop-shipping

Why email marketing is important in drop-shipping

30 Sep 2019

Drop-shipping is marketed on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Some also market via text messages but people today hardly use them and hence to reach out your customer personally and give them a notification about your product or site, Email Marketing is the best medium for Drop-shipping.

You can target your preferred set of audience who you think might have a better impact in conversion rate and increase your sale and boost your profit simultaneously.

It has taken a tremendous rise and hence there many courses out there to just teaching Email marketing as it has become a necessity for the business.

Before going further let's understand what exactly Email Marketing is.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is marketing wherein you send in an interesting and attractive e-mail to your targeted audience and try to convert them into your customer or send it to the existing customer to make them your loyal buyer. Either way, your Subject is the most important to attract them and make money.

Email marketing is the only marketing process which has shown the highest conversion rate for E-commerce business world wide.

The process is very beneficial and has a very high average ROI.

There are many Benefits of Email Marketing some of which are given below.

Benefits of Email Marketing in Drop-shipping Business

Increases Traffic

With Email Marketing you can increase the traffic of your website. It shows you the entire data of who opened your and who clicked on your link to the product and further conversion rate and by tracking all these you can help improve them and attract them more to increase traffic on your website.

And, increased traffic means increased sale eventually. Hence, Email marketing is profitable for your business to grow.

Target Audience

Email marketing helps you connect with your target audience. The ones you think have a higher chance of purchasing your product but you're unable to reach them personally. Email marketing without much hassles helps you reach them giving higher conversion rates and very low bounce rates.

You can target a particular segment of the set of segments of customers and pitch them personally online which is very much convincing than any advertisement online.

You just need to know what would convince them to get to your product via an Email which makes the Subject and entire content important for them to go further.


Email Marketing is way more convenient than any other form of marketing. Results show that the results are almost 1/3 of the entire emails sent turning into a sale which is pretty much more than any other form of marketing.

So, it has the highest conversion rate not just making it the best strategy but also affordable for you. For any business, a marketing budget is very essential and the better the results more preferred it is and hence, people choose email marketing over and before any other type of marketing.

Larger Audience

With Email Marketing, you can target a larger set of audience. Whether or not a person has an ID on your website or any other account whether twitter or Instagram, they will have an email ID as it is a very essential for a person, Whether work or personal emails are not just for conversations but also promotions.

And as every person needs an email your set of audience tends to be more than any other marketing.

Makes them permanent

Emails tend to attract customers in a way which makes them your permanent customer and not just a one time. It is very important for a business to create loyal customers rather than temporary and its all fulfilled by Email marketing.


Hence, Email marketing is not just convenient but also more profitable than any other type of marketing and is very essential for any ecommerce dropshipping business. To know more Keep in touch with us at Shruticreationbiz.

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