5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Ecommerce Traffic

5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Ecommerce Traffic

19 Mar 2020

Do you have an eCommerce website but less or no traffic? Have you tried SEO, advertisement than to no more sufficient results? Have you become hopeless about the future of your online business?

“Stop worrying and start earning” only five most important things to be careful to get bust in the traffic.

Before to start you should believe that you also can get massive traffic for your eCommerce website.

Simple steps will give you high traffic without efforts.

I’m not sure, it’s for you, but it will boost revenue and branding.

So, make sure you are going to read until the end of the article.

How to Increase Organic Traffic on Ecommerce Website

Organic traffic is free traffic where people visit your eCommerce through social media and search engines without any advertisement.

Just imagine!

It's 100% free traffic toward a website that can become a future client who will give you revenue.

But, you know it’s not so simple to generate organic traffic.

However, there are a few most trusted and tested ways to increase organic traffic for your website.

Check out the list below on how you can grow traffic for the eCommerce website.

5 Most Effective Ways to Increase Ecommerce Traffic

1: Grow your list

2: Work with influencer

3: Start blogging

4: Run a giveaway

5: Add eCommerce link in your bio of social Media.

1: Grow Your List 

You do not have enough list of relationships because you are new in the market. In another word you just enter the online business without relationship.

Before starting eCommerce business you had a list of personal followers on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp too.

So,  what to do with them? Add them to your list of customers and build strong relationships.

Here are some neglected relation

1: Build a List on FaceBook Messenger

All the friends of faceBook move them to the messenger and start making unbreakable relation.

How to make a relation with them? That’s a perfect question because you do not know how to make strong relations but, you are ready to make money from them.

Most people stuck in the same place because making a relation with an unknown or least contact person is really very difficult.

Start sharing valuable images and thinks that can improve the life of the people who know you or friend on Facebook.

2: WhatsApp Broadcast List

Use you’re all the resources that can change your life. If the role is small then do not ignore that.

WhatsApp is the most common app in people to chat and share images. Videos.

Don’t worry.

Check your contact list, how many people are in your contact. Let them connect with you and get more valuable information.

It will become easy to make relation with them on a daily basis. You can chat with them and share quality images, videos.

Most people, like to work with future-oriented vision.

 Slow and steady interaction will help you to make customers from your available resources.

3: Create an Email List

Email marketing is one of the most used tools for retargeting and reselling the products.

If you not using marketing for online business then you’re missing, efforts that you made to attract the customer.

Customer data is the gold for all the business, in email marketing, you use the available data for offering new offers, special customer discounts and introducing new products and many more.

Never forget to create an email list and use it for email marketing.

2: Start Blogging

The business has many objectives than only making enough money such as education, update, training, and awareness.

Just one more thing business is part of serving others.

Education plays an important role in building strong relationships with interested people.

Blog or blogging play the same role with the online people who are searching for related information.

How you can convert the visitor into a customer?  Give them more value through blogging about the products and services.

Help them to get more information about the use of a product, the benefits of the product and how they can get the best of products.

You might have seen many well-established firms keep blogging about the upcoming features of the product and the best use of the product.

Even they direct them to go to purchase the product through sufficient information.

It builds the bonding between you and the customer after reading the satisfactory information.

Check the free source to create Blog

3: Work with an Influencer

Now a day’s anybody can become a star because of social media.

They become the most popular among the people and have huge fan followings.

You have seen on youtube like BB k Vine, Him-mesh Madan, and many others how to have more than 5 million followers.

So, if you want to reach the most people then you have to connect with the influencer.

As you can see I have also used it for my business growth.


It helps to reach and connect with the followers of that influencer. And grow business fast.

4: Run a Giveaway

People love to have free giveaways, don’t they?

Yes, they love and you also love to have anything free just because of that they start following you and become a strong follower.

Giveaway is not a charity to anyone its pure marketing strategy. Many well-known brands like Samsung, Mi Phones, and many other brands.

They do it not just to free but its free marketing for the quality products.

Quality products build a reputation in the market and people who get the getaways they become free advertising person of our products.

It is less expensive than the paid advertisement.

Try it and share your personal experience.

5: Add eCommerce Link in Your Bio of Social Media

I am sure you will say that I add my link in my bio. Now I will ask you, How many clicks you got from that link.

The exact number you do not know. Am I right?, Because you do not use the tracking method in the link of bio.

Now, I will share how you can monitor your link.

Use link shorten services from Google, Bitly or any other service provider.

It helps to get the right information about the activity on that link in the bio.

Now, you have three options first go and apply second do not use anyway and third use to waste time and stop without result.


Business development is a lengthy process where you need to do practice all the possible efforts because the brand gives more than expected.

How to increase organic traffic on an eCommerce website? Most people try to do everything in a short span of time but work with an influencer, start blogging, run a giveaway is long term action.

Just one more thing these are tested and proven methods which give amazing results.


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