Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment

07 Mar 2020

 Are you looking for small manufacturing business ideas with low investment? Do you want to start your own business but insufficient capital and low investment is the biggest barrier.

And another barrier is business module is difficult and complicated to understand

Do you want to operate by yourself only?

And revenue return should be high in the market.

What to do after the selection of the best business module. And many other questions related to business start-ups.

I will share my personal experience with business development. How I started Shruti Creation and Style Touch InfoTech and made them successful in the industry.

How to select the product? And what are the main requirements and how to manage the whole business module by one person?

So stay connected till the end of the page, You will get the full information and my personal business thought to make a business profitable.

1: Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment

Small business gives best returns and growth in the early stage because low investment needs more hard work than money.

Today, I am going to share one of the most popular and simple business modules with you.

That is online white label eCommerce reselling. Shruti Creation is the best module in India online.

Now I will share how this online white label business module will help you to earn more.

Advantages of low investment business module.

1: Less Risky

The low or minimum investment is less risky for everyone for a start-up.  Less investment means less stress to recover.

2: Quick Start

The minimum investment in minimum planning and minimum planning is quick to start. Online business is the fastest way to start selling in just a few days.

3: Minimum Planning

 Planning is the first step of business development, online business is simple to plan because you can get most of the information from the internet without spending money.

 Online business completely depends on SEO and Digital marketing that no need to plan prior to start.

4: Less Man Power

Only one man can start selling online and operate it because an online business can operate from anywhere and anytime.

2: How to start an online business in low investment

The online business module is simple you can sell a physical and digital product. But now I will tell you about physical products only.

Simple 5 step process for an online successful business.

1: Ready products

2: Online marketing with social media (Free)

3: order from your website

4: Receive payment from customer and

5: delivery of the product to the customer

5: What to do to start your own brand online business.

This process has made so simple in Shruti Creation. Only three-step you need to take and your online business is ready.

1: Registration

Its initial stage to start your online stone. Call to Shruti creation and they will guide you on how to pay the registration amount and how to get your domain name for your online store.

Once you buy a domain name then everything will have cared for the Shruti creation team.

2: Build Online eCommerce  store

Now rest of the thing will be done by Shruti creation. Provide your domain name and submit credentials or documents to connect your payment gateway with eStore.

The online store will get only working 72 hours that really too fast in service.

3: Start Selling

After the handover of the website intently you can start selling and promoting to your website.

All the search engines like google. Bing and yahoo everywhere you can see your website.

Start sharing links on WhatsApp and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and many others.

Final words: You can sell only by providing value and relationship.


 Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment in the online business. There are other options are but this is the modern and advance way to save money and time.

Along with this, you can build our own brand and in the future, you can sell your own product.

Comment for more and if you have any other business module you can share.

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