Secret of Unique Domain Name for Ecommerce Website

Secret of Unique Domain Name for Ecommerce Website

02 Mar 2020

I’ve wanted to write a guide on domain eCommerce selection. Here is the complete essay on domain importance, selection, and side effects. I have made series in domain name selection.

Here is the first post in the entire series dedicated to the topic.

You may have gone through domain mane selection for your eCommerce store and got tired with multiple options.

No worry, you are not alone here most of the businessman stuck in word trap because the domain name is a unique name in the world. For example, and are only one in the world.

Before starting anything I would make you clear that why you should have a unique domain name.

1: Unique Domain eCommerce 

It will give advantages to both the person business person and customer too. What is an eCommerce domain name? Its the name of the website or you can call it a brand of the eCommerce store.

Here are the advantages of a business person.

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1: Domain for product differentiation

Domain name is the brand in eCommerce. I will call as a brand. Your products and services will only get identification from the like same goods and services that are only by brand name.

There are many other producers are in the market that has the same thing but your domain or brand can make the differentiation.

2: Easy for promotion and advertisement

Brand helps a lot while promotion online or offline. The best and unique domain will become identity while advertisement.

In dropshipping products has a different brand of product but the domain name is the same doe al the products.

Here domain name makes different for all other brand name products.

3: intro new products

Branded and well-known domain can introduce a new product without fear of failure because the domain name is the top priority while advertisement and notification would show the domain name.

 Then sure they would check the link and find the domain name if that is the same and then sure they will check and bet the one.

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Now look the other side of the business that is the customer. How domain name gives advantages.

1: helps in identification

Most of the customers find the product by the domain name directly when they are going to search online. They would recommend the domain name as a brand of product.

2: ensure quality:

they trust the name of the domain not the available brand on the website. Amazon is the domain name but still, they believe that Amazon as responsible for good quality products.

3: status symbol:

You might have seen the people always say that they have brought from Amazon or other domain name but they do not talk about the brand of the product.

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The following are the main reasons to select the unique domain name for the eCommerce store.

There could be more other reasons that you can share in the comment.

You have seen the one side of the domain now read the other equally important side of the eCommerce domain name.

 Our official guide for the eCommerce domain selection

Here what we’ll be covering in this series (Click the title to read the article):

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2: Never Do This While Domain Selection Of E-commerce Website

Note: Read all the articles for more info which will help you to get your unique name for eCommerce business. 


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