13 Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

13 Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

09 Oct 2019

We all are in the generation where everyone finds that money is the biggest need or said as a requirement and is the basic necessity of everybody.

And you are too in the loop of making money and assuming the best, how can you do it? 

So to fulfil your demand, Digital marketing is the high command. As food, shelter and cloth is the basic need. 

Digital Marketing asks you for zero investment to begin when you have the internet with you.


So, How Digital Marketing can help you to grow?

Let me give you a quick Introduction to Digital Marketing before talking about the trend of 2018.

Digital Marketing is marketing about your products or services online via digital technologies. In simple terms marketing your product or service on the Internet by various digital mediums based on the internet like display advertising, Emailing, Social platforms, Search Engines and etc.

It helps best in targeting your potential customer by understanding where they are present. Not least then the target, digital marketing helps to reach to your targeted audience in various ways and make a place in your customer’s mind how and where they can find you easily and here what is the brand recognition happens.

However, this is very less to add to your knowledge about Digital Marketing. It’s a one to one communicator, builds a trustworthy relationship with your customer. You solve the queries or any issues of your potential customer. You also Improve your Business by your customer reviews and feedback.

So, Digital Marketing doesn’t require 60 - 50ft banners nor does it requires advertising on Radio, Television or Hoardings and etc. The only what digital marketing requires is the Internet.

However, marketing through these mediums is known as traditional marketing. Wherein one will go bankrupt to spend so much.

Now you have the best of understanding about Digital marketing. So, why not to understand the Scope of Digital Marketing which can help you to grow and choose a way to start your business. 

Everyone here thinks multiple times before spending and runs ahead when it’s about earning. 

Well, Digital Marketing meets this understanding of people and it’s a master key of a lock i.e. “money”.


Wondering How Digital Marketing is gonna check your pocket?

As you read above that Digital Marketing follows the trend and it’s the only requirement is “Internet” and because of this reason, it’s been proved to be the fastest medium of mass communication.

The foremost reason for the rapid increase in Digital Marketing is because you spend less and earn more with measurable metrics. Digital Marketing has the power to reach to more than 1000 miles far people by working from any of your comfort places and target according to your need for potential customers.

In today’s trend for everything people have changed the base level of research or hunting and has moved from physically or offline activity to online. 

Internet is the first priority of people for any research to be conducted or to master any learning by sitting at just one place. And this is the advantage of Digital Marketing, it helps such people to end their search and fulfil their requirement.

Digital Marketing subject to fulfilling the requirement of all those who find online activity first and there are more than billions of people all around the world.

That is why Digital marketing is growing ahead with the bright future.

And because of its flexibility, less investment, measurable metrics and so on every company plan for the growth and high accuracy in their business goes by the trend to follow by doing Digital Marketing.

Hence, job opportunities are more too in Digital Marketing.


Till now, you got the importance and the scope of Digital Marketing. Let’s build some knowledge of 2018 top trend in Digital Marketing you will require to follow for the growth of your business.

Voice Search

Voice search has become convenient for everybody due to which it has taken an express increase to its demand and every day growing in per cent. 

As the usage of voice search has taken speedy increment. Hence, voice search will be highly demanded in this current year 2018. The businesses are also going to target voice search and include voice search in their Search Engine Optimization strategy for ranking high on google.

For adapting the voice search market you will first need to work and improve your mobile optimization.

Live chat

People are coming with the optimal strategies to uplift their business and grow in the market. And live chat has proven to give a higher conversion rate. Live chat is an easy communication in the Digital World.

By taking the advantage of live chat you can build trust and can make a great strategy ahead. Although, building trust and obtain higher conversion rate is never the less than it can construct a route after your world-class service for a word of mouth marketing of your brand. 

Hence, live chat will be the highest priority to step ahead in the business to abide by the highest place in marketing.

Video Advertising

52% of businessman has addressed that video is the key to elevate the Return On Investment (ROI) for their business. And video gives a higher conversion rate through Social Media. 

Social Media helps to build your brand. The more the engagement you are having on social media, the more people are known to your business and about your product and services.

Engagement is the queen in Digital Marketing and it can be said video as a synonym of engagement. People even ask for videos for the betterment of understanding about your product or service.

Hence, for a fruity result video can play a sweetness role for your business.


The number is above 90% that people find their mobile-first to perform any research and the business participating to end the user research with the correct information and give a finish to their search with relevance will be the brand for them with the positive thought.

Also, it’s a generation where every demographic age checks at their mobile phones more than 50 times and takes a spot decision to respond to any notifications, emails or etc. Hence, in the year 2018, the businesses which will meet the entailed search of the user and help to make a decision in micro-moments will be successful.


Before understanding all about chatbots, let me give you the best example. You all might have watched the movie “ROBOT” of Filmstar our respected Rajnikant and the robot made by Rajnikantji was named as “Chitti”.

The modus this robot was all set with emotions and all the automation required, in the same kind chatbots can play a role for you as per your automation needed.

And so because of chatbots user-friendly nature from the list of 100 user message sent at least you get the 80% result of open rate.

Hence, it is being widely used all over the globe instead of working on Email automation.


We all know the higher you rank on google the more are your chances for uplifting the conversion rate. Google do checks the reviews of your website to rank higher. Basic understanding is why to rank higher to one star site rather than 5 star. 

Not only google the user visiting your website checks the reviews to understand the quality of your service or product and reviews are what, which builds trust and target the psychology of your customers.

Therefore, as the digitalization has taken a rapid-fire the customers are too getting smart to fill their need after detecting. And reviews play a vital role in trust.

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