How much does it cost to launch a dropshipping store?

How much does it cost to launch a dropshipping store?

09 Oct 2019

What do you think launching a dropshipping store requires lakhs of rupees? You might have thought that it requires a huge investment to set up a dropshipping store. But today you will get to know that it is all myth and you can even start your dropshipping store with a 0 $ taking it to 100 $ balance also. But the question is how?

You can set up drop shipping stores on these platforms:-

Shopify is one of the best,  trustworthy and most used platform to build eCommerce websites. Shopify provides a 14-day trial to its users and later on have to pay around 28 to 29 $ per month. To make the store work and attract your customers you can even run low budgeted facebook ad/ Instagram ad campaign to make everything work properly.

About the Costs:-

1. The amazing thing about having a drop shipping the store is you do not have to manage your own inventory and that is how the biggest challenge of managing inventory is solved. You just have to act like a mediator and drop and ship the products to your customers after placing an order to your supplier.

2. You just do not need to spend any penny on purchase and storage of any of the product as you can tell the supplier directly to deliver the product to the customer. Let's say you have to recover Shopify costs plus the profit as well. If the cost of the product will be 10$ you can provide it to the customers for 30$ and can earn 20$ profit. This will definitely help you to recover the costs incurred!

3. Slowly you should start investing in your business and contact other suppliers to increase your customer base and the profit motive. Try working on the best marketing and survey strategy that makes you unique and trustworthy amongst the buyers.

4. Proper website creation can go up to 300$ and even more than that. You need a good domain and an attractive theme that matches your business and looks somehow relevant also. This is an unavoidable cost as you definitely need to invest in your domain and website creation.

5. In the beginning, you can use a dropshipping account for the trail with the extent to some products but later on, you can invest on dropshipping plugins ranging from 70 to 100 $ and even more than that depending upon your requirement.

6. It only depends upon how you want to set up your business and earn profit with low investments, many dropshippers earn a good profit by making a basic website and providing good products to their customers. Many of them invest a huge sum of amount and feel like spending more but it is not any hard and fast rule to make an e-commerce dropshipping business store by spending huge sum of money.


For setting up any dropshipping store you need a list of good suppliers and a proper executive plan to work on! You have to decide your dropshipping products requirements and then contact the suppliers accordingly to satisfy the needs of your every customer. The best way is to decide the plan and execute before investing just to be sure of the costs you are spending and it’s consequences. If you are ion a trial period so before availing the trail you can approach little customers through your social media promotion and can grab their attention towards your business.

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